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Spring in Italy

March 25, 2010

Spring, Springing Over the Arno

Finally, Finally.

After an exceptionally long and cold winter spring has finally arrived in Tuscany.  The sun was shining nearly all day today, the sheets dried on the line in just a few hours and gloves and a scarf were wonderfully unnecessary during daylight hours.

Another American expat living in Tuscany, Judy Witts, posted a great artichoke recipe to take advantage of the abundance of artichokes at all of our local markets right now.  The strawberries are already tasting absolutely fantastic and I can not wait for the explosion of produce that is already beginning to reach its apex.

Despite the winter wonderland type weather we experienced this year, Florence being covered in snow just before Christmas is definitely NOT typical of the weather patterns here, I am quite glad that I will be seeing no more snow and hopefully no more sub-freezing nights.  Spring in Tuscany is beautiful and I promise to spend a day taking photos to share with everyone just how beautiful it is.