Christmas in Italy

What is celebrating Christmas in Italy like?

The shopping beforehand is the same…chaos, traffic, stores running out of the toy at the top of your child’s list.

Traffic is horrendous.

Trees and lights are everywhere.

The streets of Florence are all lit in various styles of sparkling white lights.

Babbo Natale comes to give the children gifts..if they have been good.

But the food…OH MY GOD!

I have never eaten so much in one day in my life.

I awoke at the house of my friend.  Three sons aged two, four and six make for a real Christmas morning.  We set to cooking.  Four different types of antipasto were passed around.  Then there was lasagne (I had two servings.)  Then there was a pork roast and a beef Wellington, plus potatoes au gratin, plus veggies.  Then there were individual apple tarts drizzled in caramel sauce with a walnut topping.

Oh, did I forget?  That was only lunch.

After a few more hours we then had dinner.

Tortellini in broth with loads of real Parmagiano.  Then chicken with sugo verde and boiled tongue. (Yes, I actually do like tongue.) More vegetables and then tiramisu to top it off.

The occaaaaaasional sip of wine was enjoyed as well, just occaaaaasional.  And spumante and cuvee with dessert.

I think a realistic estimate of calorie consumption would be between 4000-5000.  Just WOW.

I had been warned, but figured I was enough of an eating veteran to handle just about anything.  The pace of the eating was more than I was able to handle and for the first time in a long time I felt like waving a white flag and surrending to the superior Italian ability to consume large amounts of pasta and meat in record time.

I believe next year I will train as if for an Olympic sport to ensure that I am not continually told to “mangia” and that I am too skinny.


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