In Defense of Elitism

To preface:  this is more of a rant than a blog, and has virtually nothing to do with food, wine or writing.
Yes, I read the book (but that was not the motivation).  And yes I agreed with it. Why?


You should not be condemned for being elitist. I am a firm believer in a type of elitism that rewards and respects those with intellectual and talent merit. People should be rewarded and applauded for developing the skills that nature/evolution/God/genetics/spacemen/fuzzy bunnies gave them. This whole everyone is equal crap is just that, crap. Everyone should have equal opportunity to develop their innate skills, but all do not have equal ability.

For those that say, but the Declaration of Independence says we are all created equal, please reread it. That only refers to the alienable rights as seen by the Founding Fathers of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It also did not apply to the majority of the population at that time, as women, slaves and indentured servants certainly did not have Liberty (or property ownership, suffrage and quite a few other rights.)

I do not speak of the kind of Elitism that is capital E, the my great grandfather invented X product, I inherited 17 million dollars which I intend to piss away attending a tier one university while learning nothing and stuffing my nose with cocaine while having anonymous sex with random strangers of both genders in the restrooms of overpriced nightclubs before waking and taking my yacht out kind of elitism.

I am talking about elitism of merit. Of skills and talents. Of musical ability. Of honest, innovative business ideas. Of intellectualism. Whether a person can write music that makes you cry, write novels that take you to another time, create food that stops you from speaking, invent something truly revolutionary or have the skill to immediately silence a distraught child.

Some are born with, and foster, skills that are above and beyond the ordinary. Society should not dumb down in order to make everyone feel like their self esteem is being nourished. We should be judged on our merits and skills and those who excel should be praised and rewarded, not told that they should not display their superior skill so that others don’t feel bad.

Pursue your dreams and be the best you you can be. Period.


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