Translocare-or, why I moved to Italy.

I have repeatedly been asked by both Italians and Americans why I left San Francisco for Italy.  Basically 99% of the population does not get it. Why does a person with a pretty decent life in a place as loved as San Francisco, take off, leave behind all friends and family and move to a place where she doesn’t speak the language?

My first trip to Italy was in April of 2007 and it was my first real vacation in years.  You know, the kind of vacation where you are gone long enough to require a cat sitter who will not kill your plants.  A vacation that requires a passport rather than a driver’s license.

Turns out I land on what could possibly the worst possible day to arrive in Italy, lunedi pasqua, the Monday after Easter.  Nothing is open except airports and train stations.  Want a coffee, too bad.  Want food, too bad.  I luckily had arranged with a friend that lived in Milan (RIP, D) to meet up.  Two days in Milan and a week in Florence and I was in love with Italy.

Now being semi-pragmatic (emphasis on semi) I did not just chuck it all and stay in Italy like I wanted to.  I made two more visits, one in summer and one in fall before making the solid decision.  Like my friend Nicole says about men, before you make a big decision you must experience them through all four seasons.   The final pre-move visit was in winter and despite rather foreboding weather was charming.

Settling in and finding an apartment were handled in less than two weeks after arriving, aforementioned felines in tow.  A few months of Italian language school made me fluent enough to get by and after a year I actually can do high quality Italian to English translations and decent English to Italian translations, in addition to working my way through any given menu.

So, why?

I have always had an affinity for food and wine.  I have eaten slowly, lingering over meals, sometimes to the irritation of fellow diners or restaurant staff.  I do not think that drinking a glass or two of wine with a meal means you have a drinking problem.  I love real food, grown as naturally as possible.  I love people that feel, really feel and emote.  I love a respect for art, history and culture.

I love my wildy, demonstrative indulgent Italy.  Where working 60 hours a week is virtually criminal and wine is on every table at dinner in a restaurant and kissing your friends hello or goodbye is a law.


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4 Responses to “Translocare-or, why I moved to Italy.”

  1. rzemo Says:

    Congrats to your blog! Interesting… By the way, my first real trip to Italy was also in April 2007!

  2. expressiveepicurean Says:

    Perhaps we passed in a train station…I hope you have had a chance to return.

  3. Halina Says:

    So how has it been? Are you loving Italy? I am thinking about moving too, but my family is not happy about it. My father was born in Italy and said he left for a reason, but whenever I go I never want to return to America! Please do tell me how your living experience has been there…..Hope to hear from you soon!

    • expressiveepicurean Says:

      I loved it…I actually married a wonderful Tuscan man I met there…we are currently living in the US for now…the economy in Tuscany has suffered from the financial crisis. I highly recommend it as an experience, or a permanent situation if you have the financial means to do so…especially with the current exchange rates.

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