Verdant Vernal Equinox

Sorry about the title, I couldn’t resist because it was so apropos.  On the first day of spring I took the train across Tuscany.  I boarded in Florence, my adopted home and laid claim to my window seat to soak up the scenery.

I have taken the train across Tuscany many times, and it hasn’t gotten old yet and I hope it never does.  Many who grew up here take the tranquil beauty of the landscape in stride, but for someone who grew up where tract houses, smog and annual fires were the landscape it is difficult to imagine having this as a backdrop for daily life.  Where I grew up an “old” house was one built before WWII, and here almost everything was built before then.

The last vestiges of the winter snows were still clinging to the caps of the mountains in the background, and the famous Tuscan hills were carpeted in green.  The sky here honestly seems to be a different blue and sets off the clouds with a backdrop that is truly picture postcard perfect.  The Carrera mountains that yield the coveted marble came into view as the train neared the shore of the Mediterranean and at Viareggio the train came to a final stop.


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