Ciao a Tutti

Welcome to my blog.

The “who am I” is a bit of long winding road.  I bounced around California and various institutions of higher learning for many years, building up a love for all things beautiful and satisfying.  My opinion about what comprises beauty and satisfaction has altered immensely in 41 years, the older I have become the more simple my tastes have become.

To me, beauty is found in nearly every aspect of art, culture and life.  It is epitomized when the expression is pure and simple. Whether that is in painting, sculpture, literature, food, wine, music, film or the myriad of pleasures that cause you to catch your breath for the sheer stunning perfection that is before you.   This does not mean I do not appreciate art that is intricate, literature layered with levels of meaning, five-course dinners and wines that show a new note with each consecutive sip.

I believe the artist can create multiple layers of meaning in his work, no matter if the medium is oil, marble, food, grapes or musical notes.  The book you read at 16 because you had to, reread at 20 because you had to once more, picked up again at 25 and once more at 35 will teach you different things with each new reading.  The book has not changed, but the you that is reading the book has.  The same is true of paintings, meals and music.  The more you learn, and the more you have learned from the normal life obstacles and mistake that we all encounter, the more your perception of the same words changes.  The lightbulb moment is different.

I finally decided at the age of 40 to follow a dream and move to Italy and pursue my writing, which I had always closeted except for that I had to write for literature and creative writing classes.  My first trip to Italy had been an experience unlike any in my life.  For the first time, I finally understood why people always thought I was European even though I had lived entirely in California.  I felt a sense of peace and of being at home.  Following an injury that ended my ability to work in fine dining I followed my heart to Tuscany.  I moved from San Francisco to Florence, both are ridiculously expensive cities with world famous bridges and amazing food, but I feel like I am truly myself here.


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